While we love traditional team sports as a change up from our regular gym routines, we find a great way to keep thing fresh is to get out and try all different types of sports.  Growing up down at the beach means anything water related gets a tick from us! Swimming, paddle boarding and surfing are definitely a great way to keep fit and have fun.

Surfing is a big part of our down time and it also is a great way to keep fit, get some vitamin D and relax. There’s really nothing like sitting out the back of the surf on your board taking it all in, it’s a great place to think.

While summer might be officially gone, it looks to be hanging around a little bit longer. Not only is it warm outside but the water is too so there’s no better time to get out and try something new – surf’s up!


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Zac wears: Ocho & Oak Royal boardshorts, Quiksilver wetsuit top, JS industries revolution surfboard


Shot at Palm Beach, NSW by Zoë Stenmark




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