When your body performs the same exercises repeatedly, your muscles adjust over time to make those exercises easier. While this might make your workout feel more comfortable, this comfort comes at a cost. Eventually, your workouts won’t offer your body as much of a challenge halting your progress.

Your body adapts to your workout routine in just six to eight weeks, happens faster than you think! The best way to avoid hitting this plateau is to add variation to your  routine. Whether it be taking a class, jumping on a bike and riding to work, hitting the pool or taking up a team sport, not only will you keep your body guessing, aiding your fitness goals but you’ll add a little more fun into exercise. We love to get outside and workout with an amazing view. Taking in your city while you sweat it out is a pretty good way to keep fit.

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Jordan wears Nike Backpack, 2XU long sleeve top, Nike shorts, Adidas Adizero runners.


Shot by Zac Stenmark


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