There are a lot of misconceptions about identical twins and firstly, we’d like to set a few straight. Unfortunately we don’t have a telepathic connection, thankfully we don’t feel each other’s pain and we actually can’t use each other as a mirror – this would be even harder as Jordan has got facial hair.

All jokes aside being identical twins definitely has its advantages but it also comes with a unique set of challenges too. When we were younger it was cool having a partner in crime and a live in best friend – we definitely got into some mischief. But as we got older, those advantages changed. The element of ingrained competition got stronger, especially when it came to sport. There was also a want to differentiate ourselves from just being one half of “the twins”. We weren’t dressed the same growing up so this want for a single identity didn’t stem from lack of individuality but rather it was a natural progression – growing up. The outward changes – different haircuts and different clothing styles, were in part both conscious and subconscious attempts at expressing who we are underneath the identical exterior. It didn’t hurt that it made telling us apart easier!




Being an identical twin is the ultimate battle of the extremes. Your twin is your biggest rival and your best friend. Your ultimate competition and your ultimate teammate. While we don’t know any different, sometimes it can feel like you’re up against each other even when you don’t want to compete. It is natural for two people who look and sound the same to be compared; it is everybody else’s way of differentiating between us.




When it comes to competing against each other there’s always that internal battle of wanting to do the best for yourself but wanting your twin to succeed too. It’s great in a team atmosphere because you know each other’s strengths and weakness unlike a regular teammate. This is not so great if you’re head to head! In this case, while it can be disappointing not to win, who better to come second to than your twin!




When you first meet us it’s not uncommon to be confused as to who’s who but if you get to know us, there are a lot of difference underneath it all – the different coloured Tommy undies are only the beginning!

Tommy Hilfiger worn throughout. To purchase head in store or online Myer.

For more information visit Tommy.com

Shot by Zoë Stenmark on a 5d Mark III thanks to Canon Australia


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