This circuit is a quick, easy session we can do anywhere at anytime. Often when traveling it can be easy to forgo the usual routine due to time and space constraints so it’s great to have a few different workouts to rely on where ever we may be. This is one we keep up our sleeve for times when we want to get moving but having limited time, space and equipment.

Targeting the upper body then the lower body, this circuit works you to fatigue in short period of time.

Circuit training offers the best of both worlds by allowing you to combine cardio and strength training. The intense nature of circuit training also kick starts your fat-burning into high gear.

This is a fantastic full bodywork out you can complete in just 30 minutes.

For this circuit do 3 rounds of 40 seconds on each exercise – as many as you can do with 20 seconds rest. Finish with 3 minutes of foam roller or easy dynamic stretching.

  1. Jump squats
  2. Spiderman pushup
  3. Lateral lunge
  4. Bear crawl
  5. Jumping lunges
  6. Plank arm raise
  7. Burpees
  8. Inch worm
  9. Mountain climbers

Filmed at 4D Health & Performance.