Episode 6 of Australia’s Next Top Model had the girls being pushed to their limits as they took on extreme model week. Sometimes models have to do extreme things but the art of being a top model is staying cool, calm and collected in the face of pressure. The girls had many tough elements to deal with from a floating runway to the fire and on top of this, a DOUBLE elimination. The key this week for the girls was to keeping composed and to perform under the pressure.

This weeks challenge saw the girls literally thrown in the deep end. The challenge had our top 8 walking a floating runway in designer gowns, they then jumped into the pool and had to strike a pose underwater. This was tough given the weight of the gowns, the extreme elements of the runway and the pressure to get a good shot in an unfamiliar and confronting situation. The girls did a really wonderful job particularly Linnea who kept her focus, stayed composed and really performed – winning herself immunity from this weeks elimination.

Australias Next Top Model Ep 6

The photo shoot added an extra element that really took it to the extreme – fire! The girls learnt a great lesson this week, to be a top model you have to block out the distractions, stresses and unfamiliar an continually pull out an amazing shot.  The difference between good model and great model is the ability to really connect with the camera regardless of what’s being thrown at you. While having a great repertoire of poses is great, an amazing photo comes down to the expression and connection. At this point in competition every little detail counts!

Australia's Next Top Model Ep 6

Being a double elimination we unfortunately said goodbye to both Christy and Vitoria. Both girls had so much more to give. Both girls had great moments throughout the competition and we hope there’s more to come from them both in this industry! Christy, Vitoria, keep striving for your goals, the hard work pays off.

Next week, we are down to our final 6! Who’s got what it takes to stay in the race to become Australia’s Next Top Model. It’s any bodies game.

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