This full body summer workout is perfect to do anywhere, anytime. The exercises involved are great for all fitness levels, just make sure to adjust reps and rest time. Do this circuit 3 times, 30 seconds on, 30 seconds off.


  1. Jump Squats – Remember to be explosive. If you can’t jump just squat
  2. Spiderman Pushup – Try to keep these slow and controlled
  3. Alternate Lateral Lunges – Alternate legs
  4. Bear Crawl – Aim to keep your back flat
  5. Jump Lunges –Be explosive! If you can’t jump just lunge
  6. Plank Arm Raises – Keep your back flat and ensure the movement is slow and controlled. Try to to reduce rotation
  7. Burpees – Try to keep pushing through the full 30 seconds without too much rest between each burpee
  8. Mountain Climbers – Do these as fast as you can

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Illustrations thanks to WorkOutLabs.


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