Shoes can make or break a look. Think about Jerry Seinfeld, he’ll never live down the runners with jeans combination. If you do your research and invest in quality materials, good shoes can last a lot longer than you’d think!

Here’s our picks for classic shoes that will create the basis for your wardrobe.


The classic, simple and timeless Oxford has been a wardrobe staple for decades, and that won’t change anytime soon. You can’t go wrong with an Oxford whether it is for the office or a wedding, investing in a good quality pair will prove to be worth it. Consider your wardrobe before deciding on black vs. brown!

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Derbys have become one of the most versatile shoes men can own. More casual than the Oxford, they can dress up a pair of jeans and they’re just as appropriate paired with suits. While upon first glance, derbys and oxfords seem indistinguishable, there is a difference – on the derby, the base of the laces is open, while on the Oxford the base is closed.

oxfordvsderby copy

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Brogues are distinguished by their decoration rather than their cut. Each pair we’ve picked here (other than the loafers and driving shoes) exists with broguing. The perforated design was created to allow water to drain from the shoe as these were predominantly worn as an outdoor shoe. Wingtips come under the banner of brogues too.

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Monk straps are perfect for those occasions when the dress code calls for a suit, but you’re looking for a point of difference. Whether double or single strap – they’re a must-have addition to shake up your classic shoe wardrobe.

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Driving shoes are a timeless addition to your wardrobe. Originally designed for gentleman who preferred not to wear down the soles of their shoes whilst driving. Made popular by Tods who saw an opportunity to sell these versatile shoes to the masses. Today, they are a stylish and comfortable alternative to a sneaker.

Loafers are an amazingly versatile shoe to have in your wardrobe. Both formal and casual for men and women, loafers are suitable for almost everything from a suit to jeans and shorts – they’re a wardrobe must have.

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Shot by Zoë Stenmark